Thursday, May 21, 2009

Gareth Pugh Autumn/Winter 09/10 @ Audi Fashion Festival Singapore 2009

Yes, earlier this month of May 09, Audi Fashion Festival (Singapore) '09 showcased exciting fashion showcase, globally. Among the famous ones in the industry includes couturier Christian Lacroix, wacky Vivienne Westwood and the punk Gareth Pugh!!!
The PFF duo, farnwahab and zurah the great managed to catch the Gareth Pugh A/W 09 showcase!

At the same time, we made new friends whom have just arrived from KL earlier 4am on that particular morning!

*do note due to our seat view, we're sorry if the pictures are not up to your expectations! Nevertheless, we managed to see them LIVE!

(Pictures will be uploaded soon!)

Have we ever mentioned that we almost had a major panic attack when we saw the opening of the show? *FAINT*
Plus, the deadly sick track definitely suits the total look of the collection, with that messy hairstyle and 'barbed-wired' face! Ouh I'm so gonna do it for the next upcoming party.


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1st part of the video is mainly the conceptual video presentation that Pugh coordinate to showcase the collection. Kinda like a sneak preview? Lol.

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The best part comes. We are witnessing the womenswear collection live on the catwalk for the first time in SINGAPORE!!! Oh yeah have I ever told you that the track is making me wanting to have an orgasm? Lol.

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farnwahab got interviewed somehow! lmao. damn i got very wide forehead!

Too bad we missed the party in Velvet. However, we heard from one of our friends, Shanna, claimed that Gareth Pugh should just stick to his day job though. The DJ-ing skills apparently... sucks? Haha.

Oh well from what we can ensure you, Gareth Pugh + Matthew Stone are the latest hot duo that's going to make it real big to the toppoop!

Ahhh. Let's just face the fact: He is the new bad-boy in fashion. As for Matthew Stone? ARTSHAMAN.

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Saturday, May 16, 2009

We're back after...... urm 2-3 years?

Hey hey!
Yeah we know we've been neglecting the blog for the past years
Now, we're making a comeback! Wee?
Does that call for a celebration?

Few updates:

1. zurah the great is graduating with her group's collection - Kinectica (woo!)
2. we witnessed gareth pugh a/w 09/10 during audi fashion festival singapore 09! (awesome)
3. few hot designers making their way to the top poppopppoooo!
4. what's in for the upcoming season (as far as fashion magazines have them, we DO HAVE OUR SAY ON THIS OK!)

stay tune!

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Monday, January 29, 2007


GALLIANO Has Done It Again.
Presenting Dior S/S 2007 Haute Couture Collection

"Inspired, he said, “by Pinkerton’s affair with Cio-Cio San, Madame Butterfly”—reconfirmed his unique talent to evoke beauty, sensitivity, narrative, and emotion in a fashion show. Kimonos, obis, and geisha makeup were Dior-ified, transformed into delicate translations of New Look peplum suits and full-skirted dance dresses. Each look sprouted yet more miraculous planes of origami folding, their stiff geometries creating necklines like flowers or hovering birds. Every dress had an intense color and character of its own; a hot pink, an eau-de-nil with coral, cascading shades of burgundy and imperial purple. Some were painted, others sculpted from curviform furls of woven straw."

Sources from

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Thursday, January 25, 2007



Yesyesyes they're finally out.Drool in them bitches.

Dolce& Gabbana is the new hot sex.

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alfri vs bb

Bryanboy spotted in Singapore!

4 January 2007
Time: 11-ish

A mysterious, aloof chap was seen spotted along the streets of Downtown,Pasir Ris in Singapore.Distintively clad in Shocking pink tunic with printed tiger stripes and oversized sunnies, witnesses were certain that it was Bryanboy,creator and writer of the popular blog Bryan Boy.Known for his funny and loud antics,an active gay activist and is always anticipating designer gladrags. Famous segments include "faggotry in motion". Anorexia-obssesed,Bb is certain he is the real thing.
Moove over Kate Moss.

The Bryanboy-look alike was obviously "working it",touting a fierce catwalk down the corridors of chalet A-22 and A-21. An entourage consisted of nailclipperer, shades wiper, scarf-tier, belt-buckler, bag-handler, shoe-wearer, pimplepopper, ear-digger,teethbrusher, nosehair-plucker,make-upper,camwhorererrerererrrrr.ok u get what i mean. The showstopper included him posing frame after frame to the theme song of resident evil,a game by playstation played by Nino* and Haziq*

"I dunnoe ...he just appeared from nowhere"Both were obviously puzzled by the rare phenomenon.Another witness Farhan* commented,"He kept shouting to every scene Paris was in...oh i think that was me".Giggles annoyingly.

So is he the real Bryan boy and even if he is,why is he here on our shores.His publicist declines to comment.

Bryan boy or not?U decide.

*Real names have been changed

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Sunday, January 21, 2007

zurah burah

blAST off

Ok This is the initiation post.Blah i dunnoe wad to write about.Weird cos my mouth is aways blubbering away.okokok oHKAAY then.
It all started with an inside joke.Alfri, also known as
Ah tut, was humouring us with funny re-enactments of the DOHA games(ok eveytime i say doha,soba noodles come to mind).On one such event(ping pong to be exact), Singapore was against Taiwan?
and taiwan had this
loud-full expression-im-gonna-poop-this-shit-out kinda cheer.
And Singapore's had this cheer,one that is never heard before,the incredible,
the magnificent,the orgamic,

HAHAHAHAH tet TET TTEETT!!!! Wad the shit is tet??but being patriotic beings that we are. The whole motley crew adopted this cheer.We use it on everything.winning card games.tet. getting the paycheque.tet.
wiping the crap of your ass.tet.orgasm.tet.eating chicken rice.tet.
You get what i mean.

We're so loyal we even have our very own club called "The kentets" founded by fendi komeng and your very own zurah the great.TET.
We found out that we're so kental its cool.
Kaypoh farhan wanted to be a kentet but fendi said he couldnt
since he was a kentat.Why a kentat,you ask? It all started when i asked i ask him to say "tight ass" in malay. Direct translation,"pantat ketat" but bugger mispronounced and said "pantat kentat" and the rest is history.And since alfri is naturally Ah Tut. He is then a kentut. yesyes brilliant, we are.

So thats my friend for u.Farhan(kentat) wanted a online space where we could record our daily antics.Cos we are,on the whole,very sexy people.Everything we do is so hot,its like acid in your eyes.literally.Everything written is all out of plain fun.without means of hurting anyone/anything.Unless,of course,u catch us in a PMS-sy mood.Esp farhan.
Now do ya'Catch my drift?

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