Thursday, January 25, 2007

alfri vs bb

Bryanboy spotted in Singapore!

4 January 2007
Time: 11-ish

A mysterious, aloof chap was seen spotted along the streets of Downtown,Pasir Ris in Singapore.Distintively clad in Shocking pink tunic with printed tiger stripes and oversized sunnies, witnesses were certain that it was Bryanboy,creator and writer of the popular blog Bryan Boy.Known for his funny and loud antics,an active gay activist and is always anticipating designer gladrags. Famous segments include "faggotry in motion". Anorexia-obssesed,Bb is certain he is the real thing.
Moove over Kate Moss.

The Bryanboy-look alike was obviously "working it",touting a fierce catwalk down the corridors of chalet A-22 and A-21. An entourage consisted of nailclipperer, shades wiper, scarf-tier, belt-buckler, bag-handler, shoe-wearer, pimplepopper, ear-digger,teethbrusher, nosehair-plucker,make-upper,camwhorererrerererrrrr.ok u get what i mean. The showstopper included him posing frame after frame to the theme song of resident evil,a game by playstation played by Nino* and Haziq*

"I dunnoe ...he just appeared from nowhere"Both were obviously puzzled by the rare phenomenon.Another witness Farhan* commented,"He kept shouting to every scene Paris was in...oh i think that was me".Giggles annoyingly.

So is he the real Bryan boy and even if he is,why is he here on our shores.His publicist declines to comment.

Bryan boy or not?U decide.

*Real names have been changed

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